Workshop: Duilian (Chinese Couplet) Generator Powered by GPT and Dalle-E
My tiny project of Duilian Generator in celebrating the incoming Year of Dragon, which was briefly presented during the workshop of CC Fest NYC 2024, “Dragon Bytes: Coding Chinese New Year with p5.js and AI.” at the Dalton School with the support of Processing Foundation. The workshop was co-taught with Munus Shih, who helped me prepare the slides and add some decorative elements to the Duilian Generator.
I have written an article on Medium documenting my design approach, "A Beginner’s Journey of Creating an AI-powered Web App with OpenAI API and p5.js.”, from understanding GenAI and Chinese Duilian, to building a simple generator with the help of ChatGPT, from empowering the generator by OpenAI API, to iterating it with fine-tuning model, and finally updating the aesthetics with DALL-E 3.
Beginner Workshop: Coding Xmas
I prepared several coding examples of the Christmas Tree for the p5.js beginner workshop at Creative Coding NYC. The workshop is co-leaded with Lavannya Suressh.
Tool + Workshop: Nested For Loop Visualizer
I created this tool/visualizer for educators teaching and code beginners learning Nested For Loop. The video above demonstrates a short session on leveraging this tool in teaching Nested For Loop.
A workshop “Nested For Loop and Permutation Design” was held with POWRPLNT using this tool in April 2022. Here is the detailed Blog and the Resources related to the workshop.
The tool was also shared in the Virtual CC Fest 2022 on June 18, 2022, with Processing Foundation
Autobiographical Game: A Day with Tech
This is a game about my typical day in my undergrad, where technologies had sneaked into every corner and every minute of my life. With the protagonist making choices about whether to unleash the magic of tech or not in different scenarios, the mundane life is varied by some consequences. At the end of the day, well, if the player made it, he would see how addicted he was to the daily tech. 
As studies reveal the correlation between extended and uncontrolled use of technology and physiological, physical, and behavioral disorders, a.k.a. tech anxiety, this game aims to uncover how the technologies have reshaped our daily lives and potentially caused negative effects.
This game is a digital variation of my previous design for an installation: "Are you Tech-Anxious", where more detailed research, interviews, and concept iterations are shown.
Experimental Camera: Put your mask on!
Tool: Chinese Name Mondrian Encoder
I created this camera during the COVID, echoing the misleading information on wearing masks and the growing unignorable Asian Hate.
I created this encoder to generate a unique Mondrian-style painting based on the Chinese Name, celebrating individual identity through the lens of modernist aesthetics, and standing as a bastion against the encroachment of surveillance.
Data Visualization
 Data Portrait Daily Laughter | Map of Apple Global Suppliers | My Pulse in A Match of Game
Other Works

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