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beLEAF in yourself
‘beLEAF in yourself’ is a game that encourages the player to think about self-image-building experiences altered by their relationship to social media. The player will move through the game, experiencing different viewpoints and perspectives that parallel the different perceptions that exist of ourselves. They will solve puzzles that will lead the player with their ideas of self-identity and how that changes in both the personal and public, digital and real spaces.

This is a four-week group project with my other three teammates. I was engaged in the game inspiration, game flow design, and environment design, and was responsible for the basic game mechanism including the camera shift, the creative 2D-like platformer movement in the 3D world, the environment animations, etc. The gray box prototype can be tried here.

More detailed documents can be found on the game page: Overall, Design&DevBlog.
My Autistic Self
"My Autistic Self" is a game focusing on autism, especially in terms of the following points:
1. Communication -- Hard to put words into sentences. 
2. Recognition -- Focus on details. 
3. Reception -- Automatically amplify or silent the sounds. 
4. Reconstruction -- Different ways to reconstruct the world: through arts, music, geometrics, physics, numbers, etc.

The player will try to explore different spaces, using the special gifts to achieve a simple task.

This is a two-week group project with my other three teammates at the beginning of learning Unity. I am in charge of the initial game design and was responsible for the moving and ability system. I also contributed a lot to fixing most of the bugs and making the game playable, as well as the clock room game process and the design of the indicator and other User Interfaces.

My detailed documents can be found on the game page: Game Development and Testing, DevBlog&Postmortem.
ALT CTRL: Birding Sim
NO SCREEN: Rainbow Goblins
Illuminati Odyssey
"Illuminati Odyssey" is a platformer game with basic attacks and various abilities. The player is an illuminati member who wishes to conquer all knowledge symbolized the pyramid to bring revolution to the illuminati and become their progressive new leader.

This is a two-week group project with my other two teammates. My work lies in designing and coding the various abilities of the player including Double Jump, Wall Climb, Dash, Grapple Hang, and Grapple Drawn. Also, I made the scene of the final boss fight which could be added more stages in the future. My postmortem can be found here.

This is a 2D topdown game involving different types of basic traps. All you need is to control the character and manage to escape while collecting as many coins as you can. Easy to play, hard to get a high score!

This is a one-week individual project that is also considered as my first "Unity Game". I explored the basic level design with different types of traps, and had a lot of fun play with the Unity scripts, animations, and components.
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