SHELDON’S SEAT from The Big Bang Theory | A Kinetic Text Animation
This is a kinetic text short animating some of Sheldon’s classic words about his seat from The Big Bang Theory.
The audio is cut from several clips including Sheldon’s knocking on Penny’s door, words Sheldon said the first time Penny sat on his seat, and the words Sheldon explained why the seat is important when Penny was sitting on his seat while he was about to go out. 
(A lot of memories rewatching these clips~)
Journal of the United Nations Logo Redesign
More graphic designs for the Journal of the United Nations are shown here.
App Story - Part 1
An animation made only by Adobe AfterEffects and Illustrator by torturing my Mac and myself with After Effects extrusion doing all the 3D works. 
Dev video of separate icon animations:
Overwatch Short Dragons Title Sequence
Five years ago, Blizzard Entertainment made the amazing and inspiring animation “Dragons” for the game Overwatch, which went viral among gamers across the world. As an Overwatch player from the release until now, this is always my favorite short. But one thing I notice is that it doesn’t have a title sequence. So many creators, writers, artists, engineers, producers are behind the scene while their contributions and labors are not visible. That’s why I decide to use the remarkable short footage to make a title sequence from the list in IMDB.
'Buddies' Branding | A Proposed Pet Supply Store Based on Research and Data Visualization
More about this proposal with detailed data visualization, report, and branding are shown here.
Other VIDS
Way To School | An Experimental Videoes Ultinizing Puppet Tool, Unity3D, and Daily Life Sounds
LOGO "TOTALNOOB" | My First Animated Video made by After Effects

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