The 7-minute video features the project background, interviews, prototypes (AR + App), and a typical user flow.
When was the last time you discovered a cultural treasure within the NYC subway?
Introducing “Discover Underground“, a site-specific app designed to explore the city’s artistic and cultural treasures hidden within its iconic subway system. Created for New Yorkers and tourists alike, in collaboration with the MTA and local artists, this app utilizes Augmented Reality and immersive location-based interactions to turn your daily commute into an unforgettable, ever-evolving adventure, filled with stories, art, and artifacts from historical subway stations like Union Square and Times Square.
“Discover Underground” also seeks to reclaim the essence of “public” by fostering a sense of community and civic pride through increased engagement with public art. Public art plays a vital role in public spaces, acting as a medium for communication and reflection that encourages democratic participation, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging. By showcasing public art and transforming underground spaces into dynamic hubs of artistic expression and social interaction, “Discover Underground” creates a more inviting, inclusive, and engaging urban environment that celebrates democratic values.
Embark on an interactive exploration that allows you to become both a detective uncovering mysteries of the past and an artist expressing your unique perspective. With continuous updates on art and artifacts, exciting rewards such as weekly passes and monthly pass lotteries, and the support of the MTA and public artists, this groundbreaking journey promises a fresh, engaging experience every time while deepening your connection to the city we all cherish. By addressing the issue of limited engagement with public art in subway stations, we can not only raise awareness of the incredible artistic treasures hidden within the system but also foster a sense of community and civic pride.
Let the adventure begin!
Low(Mid)-fi prototype
based on the Material 3 Design Kit
User Journey Map
My Product Design Approach 
From Brainstorm to Sketches
Pain points & Opportunities / Audiences / Context / Definition 
Thesis paper
The thesis paper provides a comprehensive exploration of the New York City subway system, focusing on its underappreciated artistic heritage and the potential for increased public engagement through innovative technologies like Augmented Reality (AR). It presents a detailed analysis of the subway's publicity, regulations, and the role of the AR industry in transforming public interaction with the subway's rich cultural offerings. The paper also examines relevant precedents and theoretical frameworks to assess the subway's public space and proposes an AR-based solution, "Discover Underground," to address the identified challenges.

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