This is a group research and data visualization by Blanca Codina, Carla Sunji, and Haoshu Roy Yang. 
Data sources from NYC Planning, NYC Open Data, NYC Health, WNYC, and manually collected from Google Maps.
Buddies is a new dog supplies store based in NYC. Our brand is shortly going to open its first physical store in Manhattan. Pet supplies is a highly competitive industry, and by opening a physical store we aim to create a unique and engaging brand experience that will exponentially raise our sales. The specific location of our new store is yet to be determined, and the final decision will rely on several strategic factors that will grant growth in our sales, such as the neighborhood's dog population, the neighborhood's commercial retail stores distribution and the existence of nearby competitors. 
Our best selling products are dog harnesses and collars with personalized embroidered names. For this reason, part of our study is also focussed on mapping the most common dog names in the neighborhood our store will be established as well as the dog breeds which will determine the sizes we will need in stock. 
The goal of this report is to make a solid decision–based on official data–of the exact placement for the new Buddies NYC store as well as on the new dog collars that will be manufactured according to the most common dog names and sizes.
Full Report

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